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Our Story

Dare to Risk

The Radical Chronicles

Our very first beer was brewed back in 2015. While many homebrewers choose to embark on their homebrewing journey with the easier and more logical choice of extract brewing, that was not enough for us. We wanted to experience the thrill of homebrewing to its fullest, and we accomplished that by opting for the all-grain process, which encompasses the entire brewing procedure. But we still felt there was something missing, so we also created our own recipe!

We fell in love with brewing from the very first moment, and it wasn’t long before we started dreaming about opening our own brewery!


With a fully DIY mindset we started to assemble our first brewing equipment, improvising and using craftsmanship along the way since there weren’t any homebrewing stores in Cyprus at the time. After a lot of research on the homebrewing process, and armed with the necessary raw materials, a big ice box, a kettle and an olive storage container, we set to brew our first beer. The result was an extremely tasteful Amber Ale, and the response to our first handcrafted beer was overwhelming!

Since then, we have brewed many more beers in our garage and drank even more while doing that! We continuously update our homebrewing equipment and we will keep homebrewing because we love it. At the same time, the fantastic feedback we received pushed us to move forward and brew a big batch that could be enjoyed by more people.

The idea of Radical Way Brewing and what we want it to be was conceived long before the official launch in 2019. With every brew we made and with every sip we drank, both of our own beers as well as of other great craft beers, our thirst to become a part of the growing and inspiring craft brewing industry only grew. As the confidence in our knowledge and skills increased, we were ready to make that step.

Our goal is to BREW beers that we love to drink, CHANGE your perspective of what makes an enjoyable beer, while having fun our way, the RADICAL way. Because beer is so much more than a tasteless, bland beverage... and we are here to prove it!